VESL operations are based on following key pillars:

VESL Delivery Model

VESL has a practice of centralized PMO & Delivery. Following are the key components:

  • Centralized PMO/Delivery Organizationvims1
    • Return on Experience across projects
    • Global view of projects à closer control
    • Managers who know the solution and industry, better communication
  • Methodology
    • Standard methodologies like AIM, ABF and OUM combined together to produce VESL rapid prototype methodology.
    • VESL hybrid methodology molded to the specificities and constraints of Africa and adapted as per project needs
  • Centralized PMO / Delivery Organization enables you to:
    • Lower cost (return on PMO & Delivery Experience + reuse of components)
    • Better risk management and anticipation
    • Better planning
    • More visibility, therefore better equipped to achieve core KPIs like cost management, quality control, timeliness

VESL aims to keep and maintain the core delivery team

  • Core Team
    • Domain expertise (Finance, Supply Chain, HRMS, CRM Suite, Business Intelligence…)
    • Industry Expertise (Government, Financial Services, Banking, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Public Services, Retail & Distribution, Transport, Construction, Healthcare…)
    • International Experience (Middle East & Africa (over 20 countries in the north, east, west and Central Africa)
    • Multilingual (English and French)
    • Culturally Diverse (Consultants from Mauritius, India, Kenya, Senegal etc.)
  • What they bring to the customer
    • International quality resource, culturally aware at customer’s doorstep
    • Work as partners to achieve your KPIs
    • Quality solution driven as far as possible within standards and best practices enabling longevity and scalability of design

To achieve the above, VESL has a centralized Project Management Office/Delivery Organization


VIMS is an automated toll which captures all tasks deliverable and the data is also used to measure the performance and costs of each Resource on each project. Some technical resources are also working on several tasks belonging to different customers / projects and the VIMS is very effective to provide all managers and supervisors for both tasks planning respect to  deployment planning  related to resources planning as well as  tasks and deliverables related to each project accordingly.


Email Notification

To keep you apprised of the status of the timesheet sent, there is an email notification system put in place that lets resources  know if your supervisor has given his approval or not.  The supervisor as well will be notified immediately by email once you have submitted a timesheet.

 Dashboards are built in the application so that the managers and Chief operations officer can monitor the activities etc as explained above.