Components of the Audit Services:

For clients with ERP already in place, VESL highly recommends regular Audits to ensure optimization and maximum return on investment and elimination of inefficiencies. VESL Audit covers multiple layers and can be modeled and built as per client requirements.

Below are the main Audit layers:

  1. Applications Audit
  2. Environment
  3. People

Audit Matrix:

 Applications Audit

  • Configuration Management
  • Security Management 
  • User Management
  • Level of customization 
  • Functional Evolutions
  • Performances
  • Systems Monitoring 


  • Architecture
  • Sizing/Capacity Planning
  • Purging 


  • General expertize on ERP
  • Knowledge Management
  • Change Management/Training
  • Documentation Management
  • IT Processes
  • IT Quality
  • IT Roles
  • SLA
  • Operations Management
  • Trouble Ticketing