VESL's management team has a wide degree of experience in different corporate focuses. The current team is comprised of one founder of the company and experienced management executives. Their core strengths are in the implementation of Oracle ERP and Technologies and software development areas as well as Backup and Recovery solutions. The management team of the company have long years of experience and industry expertise.



The company has 3 main departments related to its services offerings as below:

  1. ERP services and delivery department - the ERP Applications manager drives the operations of this department
  2. Technology services department- This department is driven by the Technology service delivery manager for all its pre-sales and implementations
  3. Software products development department- This department is overseen by the Product development manager and is flanked by the Applications manager and the Technology manager.

The company's founders oversee all operations of these 3 department.


The company is committed to superior levels of customer satisfaction. To this end VESL intends to build an internal customer service department. This department will be staffed by knowledgeable people who are also skilled in being effective on the telephone in interpersonal relationship management.


The responsibility of this department will be the establishment of new sources of supply, management of the ordering process, procurement, and stocking.

-       SALES

The sales department is responsible for the achievement of VESL revenue targets, management and growth of the partner channels, and pursuit of corporate strategic relationships.


The marketing department is responsible for implementation of the marketing plan, overseeing the development of pricing and price lists, catalogues, and selling sheets. Additionally, this department handles all research and advertising.


The legal department is responsible for management of VESL's copyrights, trademarks ETC, in addition to contract negotiation.


VESL has aggressively moved to protect its developed intellectual property rights such as trademarks, product designs, and proprietary concepts. These rights are protected through trademark and copy right registrations, the maintenance of trade secrets, the development of trade presentation and, when necessary, appropriate action against those who are, in the company's opinion, unfairly completion.operational1