Why Oracle Forms Modernization?

modern_1.jpgVESL Legacy Modernization Capabilities enable organizations to leverage the years of investment in software assets, deliver more from IT budgets and reduce the risk of implementing new technologies 


Over the last few years we have noticed that several of our clients are facing similar challenges with their Oracle application environments. The challenge is that they find themselves with Oracle systems that have not kept pace with the current supported versions.

They now find themselves at a competitive disadvantage due to the lack of flexibility and agility of these applications.

modern_2.jpgWhy has this happened?

There are many reasons why organizations find themselves in the above situation, from our experience the most common reasons are:

  • Lack of a robust policy to keep to the current version of Oracle or at least the current version minus one
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • The cost and timeframe required for an upgrade
  • They are already so far behind, that the standard upgrade options are not feasible
  • Lack of available resources to undertake and test upgrades.

Options for the future

Once it has become apparent that something needs to be done to resolve the issues associated with this challenge and an organization has stakeholder engagement for a resolution, the question becomes, what are the feasible options?

VESL Legacy Modernization service can deliver several alternatives.

Organizations have built very successful applications in Oracle Forms but are looking to modernize their applications with today’s technologies to keep them relevant. There are several options that include: web enabling the application through an upgrade, re-writing the application, and automated conversion. Each approach has pros and cons depending on your requirements. 

 VESL technologies provide solutions for modernizing Oracle Forms around all of these options. We have extensive experience in upgrading and converting Oracle Forms, databases, and reports for clients across industries.

Benefits of Using VESL Legacy Conversion Tool

  • Stay Competitive

By moving away from proprietary technology to more open and independent solutions, companies can standardize platforms for building and maintaining business Applications. 

  • No license Cost

By using VESL modernization plugin and tools, your organization will save huge costs in licenses and support and saves retain your current legacy applications investments 

  • Significantly Reduce Costs

By automating the process of conversion, companies significantly cut the costs and time required to manually convert applications.

  • Retain Original Business Logic and Code modern_3.jpg

Save time and the costs with an automated conversion tools and services. The resulting application retains the same business logic and code structure as the original.

  • Less Risk

The modernization process greatly lowers conversion risks by removing human error. Converted applications are fully maintainable and flexible, making it simple to modify converted applications when necessary.

  • No Need for Retraining from scratch

Converted applications keep effectively the same UI and functionality as the original Forms application so that users need no retraining – reducing disruption and impact on business operations.