Banks across the globe have made substantial investments in time, money and human resources to address their Basel II initiatives. Basel II compliance is a data intensive exercise requiring a great amount of data from various systems and involving significant processing complexity. However, Basel II initiatives that focus mainly on regulatory compliance tend to undermine these very same investments.

Oracle Financial Services Basel II Analytics allows institutions to capitalize on their Basel II compliance investments by XBRL 1providing extensive dashboards that enable efficient and timely Pillar I analysis and Pillar 3 disclosures, regulatory reporting and provide a complete platform for strategic decision-making across the institution.

Enables Compliance with Pillar 3 Disclosures & Regulatory Reporting

Oracle Financial Services Basel II Analytics provides pre-configured Pillar 3 reports covering all market disclosure requirements of Basel II related to Scope, Capital, Credit Risk, Market Risk, Equities in Banking Book and Interest Rate Risk in Banking Book. The Basel II reports and dashboards can be generated for various levels (solo/consolidated) and downloaded in various formats including PDF or Microsoft Excel. Oracle Financial Services Basel II Analytics additionally provides the built-in capability to produce "pixel-perfect" Basel II regulatory reports for individual jurisdictions (such as FFIEC 101 in USA); it also provides disclosure requirements as per IFSB guidelines (corresponding to pillar 3 of Basel) for banks offering Islamic financial products that comply with Shariah principles. All together, Oracle Financial Services Basel II Analytics can serve as a single regulatory and management reporting solution meeting all Basel II disclosure and reporting requirements.

Analyze Regulatory Capital Requirements Under Stress Scenarios

Oracle Financial Services Basel II Analytics allows banks to analyze regulatory capital requirements under various stress scenarios. This capability helps banks with strategic and capital planning to ensure they possess adequate capital to meet XBRL 2their regulatory capital requirements. The Basel II Analytics enable stress scenario impact analysis for overall risk weighted assets/capital adequacy and also across risk categories, lines of business, asset classes and legal entities which can assist institutions in determining hot spots requiring management attention.