Leveraging state-of-the-art expert system-based software tools, VESL has developed a complete portfolio of System Health Check Services and tools to provide you with a quick, yet thorough, evaluation of your Oracle IT environment.

VESL System Healthcheck (VSH) is a suite of tools that assesses the health of your computing environment by identifying overviewsecurity, performance, and configuration related issues, both technical and functional as they all have critical impact on your daily operations. The impacts are not only related to business operations but also to governance risk & compliance as well as sustenance cost of the systems, managing operations.

Several organizations invest heavily in IT automations, operations and management with recurring cost of addressing same issues with the service providers without having knowledge of what exactly has been done. It has been observed that fortune is being invested to resolve same set of issues which cause not only maintenance expenses but also stops smooth running of operations.

However, VESL has come up with a suite of tools which will provide self-generated / automated reports regarding the health of the system, information on any intervention that has been effected by the service provider and information on whether the issue is being addressed properly or not. This will provide visibility, accountability and transparency to the management regarding the IT investment and business values.

Value of VHS: Feature and benefits

VHS is a suite of tools that will provide an organization’s IT team and management proper direction on how to maximize on the automated system operations. VHS does not only provide the diagnostic report but also track all the issues in a comparative analytical manner where management of the organization can stay up to date with the system. Secondly VHS also provides recommendations of what can be done for each of the issue diagnosed as per global best practices. The organizations would be able to instantly identify where high amount of expenses are being incurred and save time and cost in trial and errors to find suitable solution.

VHS generates a comprehensive System Healthcheck Assessment report detailing high priority issues, overall system health risks as well as details on problems found and summary of recommendations.

VHS assessments are executed against sets of best practice system management rules for Oracle Database, Oracle E-Business Suite, the Operating System and the hosted hardware and network.

At a glance:

  • Auto-upgradeat a glance
  • Proactive scans for the most impactful problems across the various layers of your stack
  • Simplifies and streamlines how to investigate and analyze which known issues present stand as risks to you
  • Lightweight tool that runs within your environment without requiring config data to be sent to Oracle
  • High level reports show your system health risks with the ability to drill down into specific problems and understand their resolutions
  • Automated e-mail alerts and notifications when it detects problems

Why VHS Diagnostic?

  • Does your IT infrastructure (Hardware, Operating System, Applications and Database) consume a large chunk of your budget?
  • Is the critical and sensitive data secured and properly backed up as per industry best practices?
  • Do you know who has unauthorized access to your critical and sensitive data?
  • Do you have multiple oracle instances configured / implemented without having clear visibility and centralized monitoring?
  • Do you have real-time & automated system alerts and notifications which requires urgent attention?
  • Do you have a track-record and comparative analysis between previous and current intervention by your internal team, vendors or service providers?
  • Are users complaining about ease of use and recurring slow performance?
  • Are you confident enough to invest further in your IT Infrastructure?
  • Is the current IT Infrastructure sufficient or under-utilized?
  • Is lack of process visibility across multiple applications hampering efforts to improve process quality?
  • Does managing and cloning application instances, as well as backups, impact application availability?
  • Are you exploring public or private cloud options to address infrastructure management issues or to move from CAPEX to OPEX?
  • Are you considering Green ICT / Virtualization to reduce cost on infrastructure, maintenance, support and implementations?

How VHS is a saviour?

  • A collaborative discovery process with VESL to maximize the value of your Oracle Applications, that showcases best in class practices for customizations, integrations, extensions, operations, management, and
  • Review of key business processes with a focus on process modifications, alleviating exceptions and associated costs, process visibility and capturing and exposing KPIs
  • Best practice benchmarking, score carding, and actionable improvement recommendations in a presentation and accompanying
  • Reduced time to resolve problems using this information
  • Minimize unscheduled downtime due to proactive management of your systems' health
  • Appropriate data for support teams to identify and tune specific system performance and security issues
  • Prioritized problem areas, which allow the most effective management of your systems
  • Reveal opportunities for additional ways to help you, through consulting

Some sample dashboard reports:

Figure below shows centralized and comparative analysis of the different instances over the organization, local or remote.