VESL System Healthcheck (VSH) is a suite of tools that assesses the health of your computing environment by identifying security, performance, and configuration related issues, both technical and functional as they all have critical impact on your daily operations. The impacts are not only related to business operations but also to governance risk & compliance as well as sustenance cost of the systems, managing operations.

Several organizations invest heavily in IT automations, operations and management with recurring cost of addressing same issues with the service providers without having knowledge of what exactly has been done. It has been observed that fortune is being invested to resolve same set of issues which cause not only maintenance expenses but also stops smooth running of operations.

However, VESL has come up with a suite of tools which will provide self-generated / automated reports regarding the health of the system, information on any intervention that has been effected by the service provider and information on whether the issue is being addressed properly or not. This will provide visibility, accountability and transparency to the management regarding the IT investment and business values.

Legacy and manual bank account reconciliation processes are not well equipped to handle the bank reconciliation lifecycle. In both instances, every aspect of the process – from receiving and digesting common bank data files to managing high transactional volumes across multiple accounts, banks, and currencies – introduces challenges and significant risk. Cash flows from disparate sources and bank statements are difficult to reconcile with summarized data and volume of transactions. Organizations struggle to match data based on common references especially on customer’s receipts. The investigation of the exceptions is the most crucial part of the bank reconciliation process. It is at this stage where errors, mistakes, fraud, deviations, miscalculations etc. are identified and then corrected.

VBRS leverages on Oracle cash management reconciliation engine for match rule criteria. Unlike other reconciliation solutions, which are not integrated with ERP’s, VBRS provides a close integration between bank statement reconciliation application and Oracle E-Business suite. Hence, the solution ensures that customers Oracle E-Business Suite application maintains 100% cash flow transactions and allows customer to use other core functionalities such as cash forecasting, cash positioning etc. With ABRS one achieve more than just reconciliation.