Cloud Computing and Compliance

For a business to have immediate access to latest data is mandatory nowadays and availability of those data is achieved through the Internet and other networks. Having easy access to data carries certain risks such as being an authenticated user but unauthorized. The failure to assure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of controls over IT systems and data could have a negative impact on the company's image or, more significantly, the value of its corporate assets.

What is IT Compliance?

IT Compliance plays an important role for a business's risk management and a key element to achieve corporate governance. The concept of corporate governance captures the need for a business to identity, understand and comply with the number of procedures, laws and regulations which have an impact on the operation of a business. The particular regulations pertaining to IT compliance focus on IT infrastructure, networks, electronic data processing and people. For a business to be compliant, it needs to adopt the best practice procedures which include; internal control to protect IT systems, processes and eventually the value of corporate assets.

Why IT Compliance important?

Organisations are complying with legal requirements as part of the IT Compliance landscape due to the risk of sanctions that they can face in the event of breach. In short if appropriate IT security measures are not put into place or not implemented correctly, there might be liability to parties with the prospect of paying damages.

How to achieve IT Compliance

Why VESL Technologies Ltd?

Whether dealing with accountability in information systems, reasonable and appropriate safeguards to protect crucial information or protection of consumer lending information, VESL can help you implement the right mix of policy, procedure, and technology needed to assure your organization that its information is safe, and that it remains compliant. VESL's information assurance program is not an "audit" that provides a checklist of things to fix to achieve regulatory compliance. Our program is a cooperative effort, building on whatever you have in place now. We provide opinion and guidance that your counsel may confidently use to give you sound legal advice on compliance and management of liability and exposure. No matter what your industry or information security requirements, VESL is prepared to provide you the kind of expert support needed to ensure that your information is safe.