IT Assistance And Support

VESL provides global IT care solution hosted under single roof backed by teams of highly qualified and experienced IT available 24X7. Our support is available online, offline, remote, telephonic and even through our tech forum sections, user-guides and min how-tos published by VESL from time to time. VESL support also comes in various versions: Limited, Professional & Complete.

Our support includes:

• Network Administration

• Systems Maintenance, Support & Troubleshooting (Software):

• Systems Maintenance, Support & Troubleshooting (Hardware):

• Installation & configuration of Windows Servers as Domain. Configuring DHCP and other Windows Server services

• Installation of Workstation and machines with configuration of Operating System like Win 7 or 8, Win Server 2008, 2003 Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) & Office Suites like Office 2010, 2007, Office 2003 & Office XP professional, Anti-Virus, Firewall and performance boost-up

• PC Assembling and Hardware-Troubleshooting

• Installation & setup of Network with Wireless routers, access points with CAT-5/6 Cables